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Online Vehicle Registration Restoration

Jack Maggs Agency is one of the City’s leading services for restoring your registration credentials. Please call our office 412.884.5800 for more information and fees.

We can assist you with:

  • Posting your proof of insurance.
  • Posting you restoration fees.
  • Posting your civil penalty fee in lieu of FR suspension.

Vehicle registrations are suspended for many reasons including a lapse of insurance coverage, citations or accidents, or unpaid PA Turnpike tolls. One of the most common is due to a lapse of insurance coverage. If you are facing a suspended registration due to insurance lapse we can help you.

If the insurance lapse is less than 30 days, and the vehicle was not driven during those 30 days, bring proof that the owner of the vehicle obtained insurance coverage in their name on that vehicle. was obtained. A signed MV-221 form will also need to be submitted. If the lapse is more than 30 days, the registration plate and card should be returned to PennDOT to begin serving a 3-month suspension.

A civil penalty fee of $500 can be paid in lieu of serving the suspension. A restoration fee will also need to be paid. You may choose to pay the civil penalty no more than one time within a 12-month timeframe. By paying the penalty, restoration fee and providing current proof of insurance you will be permitted to retain registration and will not be required to serve the 90 days registration suspension.

Please call our office at 412.884.5800 to discuss how Jack Maggs Agency can help you through this process, or assist you with restoring your registration.

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